Den Mother

The china and silver flatware are stowed, the tree is down and the last of the decorations are packed away….until next year.  The holidays certainly bring merriment and there is nothing that can compare to spending festive time with friends and family, but to be honest the hosting sure does take a lot out of a gal!

I’m one of those people who looks forward to catching cabin fever.  I call the disease brown bear syndrome.  For me there is nothing like retreating into the comfort of my lair to surround myself with books from my winter reading list accompanied by a steamy hot cappuccino or frothy green tea, or an occasional cup of decadent hot chocolate.


Snowstorm on the horizon?  Hooray!  I’m ready, the game closet is stocked with choices for the young and the wise.  The crock pot is simmering a veggie stew and the smell of fresh baked brownies fills the air.  Mother winter is a welcomed guest in my home.


Just like our Ursidae relatives I like to cozy up, usually in flannel, and spend the next few months hibernating, living off the holiday calories stored in my body.  Of course I peek my head out each day to attend to the necessary facts of life, but as soon as the sun begins to set my state of inactivity kicks in.  Such is the gift of winter.  It is a time to rest, reflect, recharge, goal set,create a vision, plan and dream about the coming of spring.


Hey pilgrim, put down your lantern, backpack and walking stick and revel in the restful cloak of winter.  I promise, when the balmy breeze of spring beckons, you will be able to pickup your belongs and march on with enthusiasm, ready to take on whatever comes your way….and better yet be able to make your dreams come true!

Peace and Love,


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