Mental Cleanse

As February comes to an end, I am reflecting on my New Year’s resolution. I decided to create a healthier lifestyle, which included joining a new gym and adjusting my diet to eat cleaner. With a full time job and two young children I need all of the energy I can get in order to keep up with my life, besides the fact that I am trying to stop my face from falling (lol). The first thing I do when my body feels sluggish is give it what it needs to run more efficiently. This resolution seemed so easy on January 1st with the promise of a fresh start, but as the months go on life brings its challenges and my resolution seems more challenging then I originally planned. That cup of coffee in the morning looks much more appetizing then the glass of water cut with apple cider vinegar.
Maybe it’s not just my diet and exercise routine that are the problem? What do I do when if my brain is sluggish? I recognize my thoughts and mindset are as detrimental to my body as my diet is. If what I put in my body is important, then the thoughts I allow my mind to make is equally as important. With this new found knowledge I have embarked on a mental cleanse. Thanks to a wonderful member of my tribe who shared the app Insight Timer with me, I now begin and end each day with a guided meditation. Not only can I select the perfect meditation but I can also join a community of others who are on the same journey. Knowing that I am not the only person with worries, anxiety, and stress is comforting. In addition, I started researching chakra balancing. This is the process of opening each center of energy which translates into a feeling of total well-being.
On January 1st I was missing a big piece of the puzzle. It isn’t only diet and exercise that create a healthy body. Having my brain and heart in harmony has created true peace. Forget my New Year’s resolution, hello new way of life.