My Re-ason for 2020

I usually don’t make new year’s resolutions.  Each new year I just strive to be a better person then the one I left behind.  But, for some re-ason 2020 feels different.  Maybe because it is the start of a new decade, or perhaps it just seems to roll easy off the tip of my pen.  Whatever the re-ason, this year I feel compelled to developed a resolution checklist.  Perhaps it’s because I fill the need to do some emotional and practical housecleaning.  You know, clean out the clutter both inside and out.  It’s been awhile and I need to slay some dragons.  With that in mind I resolve to:

Reclaim myself – mediate on where I lost myself along the way of a busy life and on how to find my way back home?

Re-evaluate – not just what I need in my life to be whole, but also, who are the people in my life who add joy, forgiveness, patience support and applause, and sift out peacefully the ones that drag me down.  Am I in the right relationships?  The right job? The right location….home, setting, frame of mind?

Revisit – create a vision of where I want to go and plan how I am going to get there.


Reinvent – myself.  How about making that frightening leap into a new venture.

Redo – home décor and it doesn’t have to be big.  Paint a wall, buy one piece of art or a new set of everyday dishes.  A purchase that brings happiness/excitement into the everyday.

Rediscover – life!

Recharge – my battery.  Get going.  Get doing.  Get involved!

I can safely say I’m no slouch, but I think I can lead a richer, more purposeful life by being kinder to myself.  This means developing a new awareness that fosters the discovery of who I am here and now, relieves some of the emotional pain and provides a breath of fresh air that propels me to travel a new path.


After all, isn’t that what the journeys is about?

Why not join me in 2020?  Mount your steed and let’s go dragon hunting!

Peace and love,