scityThe word simplicity means uncomplicated or a state of simply being. That sounds absolutely divine to me. What if life could be so easy? Or could it? So often I find myself presented with a minute problem, for example I recently purchased a new sofa. I absolutely fell in love with it at the store and the measurements fit my desired space. It seemed to be a smooth transaction. The next day the delivery truck arrived, the movers unload the piece of furniture and I hated it. In that one instance a million thoughts flooded my mind. Will my husband be upset, do I tell the drivers, do I call the company; maybe it will grow on me? Talk about mental combustion. Instead, I could have simply told the drivers I don’t like the merchandise what is the next step? All of my questions could have been answered on the spot. Now I am dealing with a bunch of red tape. Overthinking and analyzing caused this problem to become so overwhelming that I become mentally paralyzed. I am sure I am not the only person in the world to experience this.
As I’ve mentioned in pervious blogs, I have recently embarked on a journey to self-improvement. So often, I wish for a magic pill or a quick fix that will solve all my problems. I’ve come to the conclusion that looking inward and putting in some hard work has been the answer for me. In order to simplify my thoughts I’ve set some guidelines that have helped.
1. Complete one task at a time and allow for a quick break here and there:
This practice has been most helpful during my morning routine because I make the coffee while packing lunches and feeding the dog. I often do not complete one task before starting another and by 6:30 a.m. I am wound tighter then a fiddle. Don’t even ask what I am like by 8 p.m. 😊.
2. Minimize Input:
I’ve limited my social media intake. I found it flooded my thoughts and made my mind more active. This has been very helpful because when I used to take a brain break I would immediately check my phone. Now a brain break is really a break. I listen to a quick 1-5-minute guided meditation.
3. Stay in the moment:
This has been challenging but the reward has been extremely beneficial especially with my relationship. I admit it, I am guilty of opening my mental file cabinet dusting off the cob webs and brining up something my husband has done in the past. The other night a past situation was brought up in conversation with a friend. I immediately felt annoyed. Then I told myself, “this isn’t happening right now.” It happened years ago and all that matters is what is happening in this very moment.” Since I’m being honest, I will tell you this was so freeing. I was no longer bound to the chains that I felt were once weighing me down. I realized I was the one creating the chains. The minute I let go of my grip the chains were no longer there. This is a double win! I simplify my thoughts and I feel more at peace.
4. Surround yourself with people who support you:
Find your tribe and keep them close. Gather around you people who are like minded and encourage you to achieve your goals.

This week has been very interesting and eye opening. I see the world through a different lens, one that sees the beauty rather than the confusion. In the words of David Thoreau “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness, weakness”.


Change of Heart – Part 2

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything else you do flows from it.” That’s Proverbs 4:23 and it’s the bullseye.

I am now more vociferously taking this a step further. I’m guarding the eyes and ears of my heart. What am I watching? Do I really want that image in my memory? What am I giving my attention to both internally & externally? Is it challenging me in a good way? Am I running a rut in a well-worn track? What am I listening to? Do the words of this song uplift me? Am I singing along to what I want to feel? How much negative news does anyone need to listen to on a daily basis? The media wants us to believe it’s 24/7; as if we could possibly miss something.

A long time ago a dear friend said to me “Garbage in – garbage out.” How true those words ring. I’ve decided the scales of my environment need to weigh heavily on the side of positivity including lighthearted, encouraging and hopeful. Who am I surrounding myself with? What is their attitude? Do we lift each other up to braver, lighter more joyful places?

Time is our most precious commodity; Time is wealth; so how am I choosing to invest my heart? What do I want my heart to hold since out it flows the issues of life?

Time to detoxify; recalibrate and set my focus on things that are lovely, kind and of good report.

Sea & Skye

Change of Heart

People say change “can” be hard to accept, well I’m here to say IT IS along with being frightening & exhausting.

Leaving behind what we know and are familiar with can be stressful to say the least. I speak from experience – this will be the 3rd time my family has moved in the last 9 months. Now I realize I’m painting with a dark palette but there are streaks of light.

I’ve learned to travel lighter. There is only so much household accoutrement one really needs and it’s a good time to share the wealth. A dear friend suggested I look at objects and ask myself “Does this bring me joy?” and allow it to fare accordingly.

I discovered there’s no such thing as perfect and even if there is, contentment beats it by a mile. Change brings plenty of decisions to be made and I’ve found “Let peace be your umpire” the best advice yet, courtesy of Saint Paul.

We are still in the throes of this latest change and quite honestly stress has ruled more days than I care to admit. But it’s okay to be emotional. No one emotion is more valid than another and each deserves its own particular attention. Self-sufficiency is an admirable attribute but it’s also good to ask for help because it gives family and friends an opportunity to give of themselves.

So, in the midst of upheaval I’m also navigating a change of heart. More to come.

Sea & Skye

Mental Cleanse

As February comes to an end, I am reflecting on my New Year’s resolution. I decided to create a healthier lifestyle, which included joining a new gym and adjusting my diet to eat cleaner. With a full time job and two young children I need all of the energy I can get in order to keep up with my life, besides the fact that I am trying to stop my face from falling (lol). The first thing I do when my body feels sluggish is give it what it needs to run more efficiently. This resolution seemed so easy on January 1st with the promise of a fresh start, but as the months go on life brings its challenges and my resolution seems more challenging then I originally planned. That cup of coffee in the morning looks much more appetizing then the glass of water cut with apple cider vinegar.
Maybe it’s not just my diet and exercise routine that are the problem? What do I do when if my brain is sluggish? I recognize my thoughts and mindset are as detrimental to my body as my diet is. If what I put in my body is important, then the thoughts I allow my mind to make is equally as important. With this new found knowledge I have embarked on a mental cleanse. Thanks to a wonderful member of my tribe who shared the app Insight Timer with me, I now begin and end each day with a guided meditation. Not only can I select the perfect meditation but I can also join a community of others who are on the same journey. Knowing that I am not the only person with worries, anxiety, and stress is comforting. In addition, I started researching chakra balancing. This is the process of opening each center of energy which translates into a feeling of total well-being.
On January 1st I was missing a big piece of the puzzle. It isn’t only diet and exercise that create a healthy body. Having my brain and heart in harmony has created true peace. Forget my New Year’s resolution, hello new way of life.