Mental Cleanse

As February comes to an end, I am reflecting on my New Year’s resolution. I decided to create a healthier lifestyle, which included joining a new gym and adjusting my diet to eat cleaner. With a full time job and two young children I need all of the energy I can get in order to keep up with my life, besides the fact that I am trying to stop my face from falling (lol). The first thing I do when my body feels sluggish is give it what it needs to run more efficiently. This resolution seemed so easy on January 1st with the promise of a fresh start, but as the months go on life brings its challenges and my resolution seems more challenging then I originally planned. That cup of coffee in the morning looks much more appetizing then the glass of water cut with apple cider vinegar.
Maybe it’s not just my diet and exercise routine that are the problem? What do I do when if my brain is sluggish? I recognize my thoughts and mindset are as detrimental to my body as my diet is. If what I put in my body is important, then the thoughts I allow my mind to make is equally as important. With this new found knowledge I have embarked on a mental cleanse. Thanks to a wonderful member of my tribe who shared the app Insight Timer with me, I now begin and end each day with a guided meditation. Not only can I select the perfect meditation but I can also join a community of others who are on the same journey. Knowing that I am not the only person with worries, anxiety, and stress is comforting. In addition, I started researching chakra balancing. This is the process of opening each center of energy which translates into a feeling of total well-being.
On January 1st I was missing a big piece of the puzzle. It isn’t only diet and exercise that create a healthy body. Having my brain and heart in harmony has created true peace. Forget my New Year’s resolution, hello new way of life.


Perfectly Imperfect

Perfection is such a subjective term. One woman’s hell is another’s heaven.
Society pressures us to push toward “perfection” in both subtle & obvious ways. Every magazine cover model is an airbrushed size two. The food displayed in cooking shows takes a team to prepare not the single host we see throw it together in 15 minutes. Traditional home to Boho chic branding calls out to us daily. Have we climbed our chosen career ladder in a timely manner? Celebrities decry 50 is the new 30 & 60 the new 40! Are we still trying to “bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan & never let him forget he’s a man?”

Is anyone else exhausted besides me??

I assert we were meant to be perfectly imperfect. What if all this striving for an illusory perfection is just stealing the contentment we could luxuriate in right now? If we took the time to be grateful for what is, I would dare say we might have more energy for change that produces lasting results.

No one & I mean no one was made to be a cookie cutter replica of another person. We are gloriously individual in body, mind & spirit. We are called to be a symphony of different ideas, sizes, styles & beliefs harmonizing in community. Let’s support each other’s so called “imperfections” heck let’s celebrate them! Let’s begin to see them for the gifts that they are.

If you have unwittingly moved in to the “Stepford” idea of who, how or what you should be, lean in…the gate is open & freedom awaits. Let’s be radically perfectly imperfect & unabashedly laugh out loud.

Sea & Skye

That Wasn’t Part of the Plan

The minute I open my eyes in the morning, without even realizing it, I begin to plan every aspect of my day. It comes so naturally, it’s part of my morning routine just like brushing my teeth and making coffee.
Am I driving myself crazy feeling so compelled to maximize every minute? We live in such a fast-paced world, and if I don’t make the most of each day I often feel as if I am falling behind. As early as I can remember, I was told to plan. Plan for college, save money to plan ahead, pick a good career and plan for retirement, the list goes on and on. It makes sense, but how tight should we hold on to our plan. When things don’t work out according to plan it often leads to major disappointment and a feeling of failure.
One January evening, my then boyfriend proposed to me. From that second I began planning the dress, the wedding, where we would buy a house, when we would have kids. By this point in my life I had become so good at making plans, I was an expert. Boy oh boy did my plan blow up in my face.
Life lesson #1- One year after getting married I became pregnant. Everything was going according to plan, or so I thought. At 21 weeks I suffered a devastating miscarriage. Well that wasn’t part of the plan. It was as if my whole world came crashing down in an instant. I wasn’t equipped to deal with this at the time because I didn’t know how to handle things when they didn’t go according to plan.
Life Lesson #2- I had it all planned out. I was going to go to college for education and would land a teaching job right after graduation. Well let me tell you the perfect job did not come for ten years and it took a lot of hard work and perseverance along the way.
At this point in my life, I have two beautiful children and a job that I love. What did I learn? I learned that we don’t get things when we want them, we get them when the time is right for us to have them.
Lately, I have been working on letting go and not controlling every moment. With the support of my tribe, and following experts such as, Cory Muscara I’ve learned the value of being more attuned to the here and now. If you are not aware of Cory, it is worth researching his work. You can visit Cory on Facebook
I am excited to see what surprises the universe has in store for me now that I am open to it. It’s been a process in leaning and softening to the unknown possibilities.
One thing is for sure, in 2018 I will be present in the moment, not looking back or looking ahead, just living life as is comes.
Happy trails.


What’s Love Got to Do With It?

cropped-doves.jpgSeth Meyers already said it, so I don’t have to.
Oprah for president!
This year’s Golden Globes was rousing! So much so that it started me actively thinking, why do women still_________?
That’s a big blank to fill so I am going to focus a series of blog posts trying to do just that. This post is focused on spirit because, in my opinion, we really can’t achieve or accomplish much until we brighten our spirit.
Here we are once again reflecting on ourselves, making resolutions, starting an exercise program, beginning a diet plan, looking for that tonic that flushes fat out of the system…’s all good and very worthwhile. However, there seems to be one absolute solution to the resolutions and that is perfect love (PL).

Let’s talk about PL for a moment. PL is not the Valentine hearts floating down from the sky kind of love. PL is the ability to bury all disappointment, resentment, and sense of failure caused in us by others, and then to love and accept others, with laughter and joy, just the way they are. I’m not talking about Hollywood barbarity; I’m taking about friends, neighbors, that loved one, family members, even the cranky salesperson you may encounter.
Do you want to be free? Do you want to be physically and emotionally healthy? That’s a few of the results PL promises. Do you want to be your best self? Begin to practice PL. PL is the stimulant that sets us free of the burdens (expectations) of others. When we are free of these burdens everything else falls into place. PL is the balm that cures temper flare-ups. PL is the salve that heals emotional wounds. It also cures over indulgence. When you love perfectly, you no longer need to eat that gallon of chocolate ice cream. PL is your port in the storm, your shield against all hurt.
You begin to recognize PL when you realize that you really cannot change others, but you can accept them and love them anyway. Yeah, it’s easier said than done, but once you get there, wow!
When you can stand and tolerate criticism (because it really isn’t about you) and realize that you no longer need to retaliate, but only hold out your hand without uttering a word, that’s PL. When you understand that you no longer need to have all the answers, but just need to be there (or not) that’s PL. When you can extend a kind word or a kind gesture to someone who has offended you, yeah, PL. When you recognize that you need to walk away and do not shed a tear because you know you tried your best, PL, because perfect love is not just something you exercise towards others; it is also about PL of the self, Aha moment! Love they neighbor as thyself. When you love perfectly no one can shatter you because you realize the fault does not lie in you.
PL is the prescription that lowers elevated blood pressure, provides peace of mind, relieves an upset stomach, vanquishes a migraine, calms frayed nerves, nourishes the heart, body and soul, and cures self-doubt. All irritation vanishes in the face of perfect love.
I confess I’m still working on it, but each small accomplishment provides me with the exhilarated motivation to keep moving forward, and I know that when I fully arrive, I’ll be wearing the garments of peace and tolerance.
Walk on!