After Thought…





(featured image courtesy, Martha Stewart Living, December 2019


It was during my travels abroad, Italy, France, Ireland, Malta, to name a few, that I learned the art of dessert.

Dolce, petite, savory, a bit rich the final course leaving one “drunk” with pleasure. Black coffee accompanied by sweet, fruity fragrant wine and liqueur….just enough.


One of my favorite desserts is so simple to make I’ve kept it a secret (until now).  It’s a true crowd pleaser!  The secret, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.  While the coffee is brewing, unroll the pastry and slather each individual puff with your favorite chocolate spread.  Dark chocolate, Hazel Nut Chocolate, your choice.  Roll and bake as directed on the package.  Remove from the oven and when just warm, dust very lightly with a mixture of brown sugar crystals and cinnamon.


Assemble your dessert tray.  Demitasse cups and spoons, cordial glasses and warm biscuits ready to join dessert wines and cordials at the table.



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