Deck the Table

In keeping with my Farmhouse Tradition décor, I embarked on a fun, quick and easy DIY project to enhance my Thanksgiving dinner table.

Goodbye Victorian, formal, handwritten place cards and party crackers and hello brown paper gift bags filled with happy, useful items for all!


What did I include?

  • Dove body wash
  •  Talcum powder
  •  Deodorant (these items in travel size, great for the gym bag)
  •  Jingle bell necklases
  • Dionis Goat Milk Hand cream (also travel size, great for the purse)
  •  Samll tree ornament
  • Nature’s Garden healthy trail mix snack packs
  •  DIY deck-a-tree kit



  • Fill each bag with goodies
  •  Use ribbon to tie tree ornament to each bag
  •  Stuff with bling tissue paper
  •  Use stamp pack to personalize each bag


Place each bag aside a place setting and there you have it, goodies and a seating card all in one!


Happy day!





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