Macchiato Meets Cafe Latte



Today it is my pleasure to introduce artist Angela Gorini Perrone as guest blogger.  Angela is a master artist and prominent business woman, owner of Divine Rooms, Decorative Painting and Custom Artistic Finishes.  Sit back with a steaming hot cup of your favorite brew and enjoy!

Hello fellow Java Junkies! As we all know, there’s nothing quite like a cup of coffee and the transcendent feelings it evokes. A timeless ritual, varied among cultures, spanning the globe during different hours of the day. There’s a coffee for everything: one for morning wake up, another for afternoon pick up, a different vibe after a long leisurely meal. From Cappuccino to Espresso, they are all little works of art from the “mean little bean.”

paintnladderI am a professional artist who specializes in paint treatments for walls, ceilings, floors and furniture in the metropolitan area of New York City. A “coffee break” is not only part of our culture – it IS a culture in and of itself. What a relief to step off a noisy jobsite and have a few moments of peace, with a hot beverage and a quick pick-me-up. I’m not sure exactly where I’d be without my little slice of solace during a hectic day.


There was recently a client, who has a gorgeous private home on Staten Island, who contacted me during my morning ritual of sipping a cup and answering emails before a long day on a ladder. We both laughed when it was revealed we were drinking the same brew (Starbucks French Roast). As our conversation developed, regarding a new commission, it became crystal clear to me that the new art installation needed, just NEEDED, to be an homage to COFFEE.

We developed a process and a technique to enhance a feature wall in a massive lower level area, that will eventually have a working kitchen… and you guessed it…. a coffee bar.

coffeepaintLadies and Gentlemen – it is with great pleasure I introduce you to a custom work of art entitled, “Macchiato Meets Cafe Latte.” This transcendent massive “feature wall” anchors a large space in the most dramatic way. All colors were custom mixed to reflect the deep colors of complex brews and milk enhancements of an actual cup of coffee. We used colors inspired by espresso all the way to the cream on top of a cappuccino.

The technique is called Plastered Ombre’ – a monochromatic rise (or fall) of colors applied with a trowel. My method was custom mixing and blending wet on wet, about 6 different, yet related, shades of color, from dark to light. The result is a rich and full-bodied blend with dimension and complexity. Big flavor to anchor a large space!

Why not surround yourself with the things you love? Immerse yourself in the experience of a pleasure? What is brewing within your soul? Like a cup of coffee, this wall is a warm hug to whomever needs it. Your home can be an expression of your greatest joys and smallest daily rituals.

Artista Barista!

Angela Gorini Perrone
Master Artist and Creative Director
Divine Rooms
Decorative Painting and Custom Artistic Finishes
Mobile: 718-930-5154

3 thoughts on “Macchiato Meets Cafe Latte

  1. Thank you so much for featuring me on this super-sweet blog. It was a pleasure. Hope to inspire your readers to channel their passion for coffee into some fun home design and decor projects!


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