The Elixir of Kings

Scientists tell us that our olfactory system or sense of smell is the most evocative of memories. The fragrance or aroma of coffee brewing brings back many a tale.

I will suddenly see my Aunt Toots sitting at the kitchen table rubbing her eyes as she “focused” she would say waiting for the coffee to be ready.
I hear the sound of fire crackling as I recall my future husband and my first camping trip together.  We tented thru a deluge and I wonder if it hadn’t been for that morning cup if we’d be married today.

I laugh again as I recall my Outward-Bound sailing adventure where our female captains would brew “coffee to wake the dead” as we cruised the Maine coastline and bonded thru fog and swell.

There have been cups cried into at the mourning of family and friends.  But mostly, the
smell of coffee speaks of love and possibility, of hope and adventure and ultimately love.

Please feel free to share one or more of your cherished coffee memories with us. We would love to hear them.

Sea & Skye

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