Memorial Weekend Must Haves

Whether you are playing hostess this Memorial Day, attending a BBQ, or enjoying local venues you should be heading to the store to stock up on all the necessities to make this a Memorial Weekend one you and your family will never forget. In my house we love healthy options. Don’t get me wrong you will find the standard hot dog and hamburgers on our grill in addition to some keto and vegan friendly recipes.

parfMy first stop is always to my local dollar tree. I love stocking up on decorative plates, utensil, napkins, and festive decorations. When I am there, I always grab the clear cocktail cups. Instead of serving drinks in them, I layer them with blue berries, whipped cream, and strawberries for a refreshing and kid friendly dessert. Throw them onto a cute serving platter it so simple it takes all of five minutes to make your dessert table pop with color. I love the dollar tree because everything is $1. I am all about saving money while throwing a party that looks like it stepped out of a Martha Stuart magazine.

Next stop is to the local grocery store. In place of chips I serve fresh cut cucumbers and veggies with a homemade onion dip. I also buy veggie burgers and black bean burgers for my vegetarian guests. Layer them with some guacamole and a tomato and your guests won’t be worried about counting calories. My super easy side dish is a spinach salad with strawberries, red onion, feta, and a red wine vinaigrette will complement entrée you serve.

yogurtThe perfect party provides options for your guests. When setting up my bar area I always have out beer and wine. No BBQ is complete without an ice-cold beer and hot dog however, not all my guests are drinkers so I make a fizzy sugar free lemonade. It’s a crowd favorite. I try to eliminate as much sugar from my diet as possible so this lemonade has all-natural ingredients.

*2/3 cups lime juice (from fresh limes)
*1 tsp of stevia extract
*7 cups of water
*Ice for serving
*Fresh strawberries, blueberries, and mint for garnish.

nailsNext stop is to my local nail salon, Daisy Nails with my daughter for matching red, white, and blue manicures. We always shop Pinterest before we go to get some inspiration. Don’t forget it’s going to be a long weekend. Make sure you have a good bug spray. I prefer organic brands that do not have any harsh chemicals, as well as having sunscreen on hand at all times. Last but not least remember to have lots of cute outfits on hand especially those white skinny jeans and denim shorts so you are prepared for any occasion

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