Perfectly Imperfect

Perfection is such a subjective term. One woman’s hell is another’s heaven.
Society pressures us to push toward “perfection” in both subtle & obvious ways. Every magazine cover model is an airbrushed size two. The food displayed in cooking shows takes a team to prepare not the single host we see throw it together in 15 minutes. Traditional home to Boho chic branding calls out to us daily. Have we climbed our chosen career ladder in a timely manner? Celebrities decry 50 is the new 30 & 60 the new 40! Are we still trying to “bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan & never let him forget he’s a man?”

Is anyone else exhausted besides me??

I assert we were meant to be perfectly imperfect. What if all this striving for an illusory perfection is just stealing the contentment we could luxuriate in right now? If we took the time to be grateful for what is, I would dare say we might have more energy for change that produces lasting results.

No one & I mean no one was made to be a cookie cutter replica of another person. We are gloriously individual in body, mind & spirit. We are called to be a symphony of different ideas, sizes, styles & beliefs harmonizing in community. Let’s support each other’s so called “imperfections” heck let’s celebrate them! Let’s begin to see them for the gifts that they are.

If you have unwittingly moved in to the “Stepford” idea of who, how or what you should be, lean in…the gate is open & freedom awaits. Let’s be radically perfectly imperfect & unabashedly laugh out loud.

Sea & Skye

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