That Wasn’t Part of the Plan

The minute I open my eyes in the morning, without even realizing it, I begin to plan every aspect of my day. It comes so naturally, it’s part of my morning routine just like brushing my teeth and making coffee.
Am I driving myself crazy feeling so compelled to maximize every minute? We live in such a fast-paced world, and if I don’t make the most of each day I often feel as if I am falling behind. As early as I can remember, I was told to plan. Plan for college, save money to plan ahead, pick a good career and plan for retirement, the list goes on and on. It makes sense, but how tight should we hold on to our plan. When things don’t work out according to plan it often leads to major disappointment and a feeling of failure.
One January evening, my then boyfriend proposed to me. From that second I began planning the dress, the wedding, where we would buy a house, when we would have kids. By this point in my life I had become so good at making plans, I was an expert. Boy oh boy did my plan blow up in my face.
Life lesson #1- One year after getting married I became pregnant. Everything was going according to plan, or so I thought. At 21 weeks I suffered a devastating miscarriage. Well that wasn’t part of the plan. It was as if my whole world came crashing down in an instant. I wasn’t equipped to deal with this at the time because I didn’t know how to handle things when they didn’t go according to plan.
Life Lesson #2- I had it all planned out. I was going to go to college for education and would land a teaching job right after graduation. Well let me tell you the perfect job did not come for ten years and it took a lot of hard work and perseverance along the way.
At this point in my life, I have two beautiful children and a job that I love. What did I learn? I learned that we don’t get things when we want them, we get them when the time is right for us to have them.
Lately, I have been working on letting go and not controlling every moment. With the support of my tribe, and following experts such as, Cory Muscara I’ve learned the value of being more attuned to the here and now. If you are not aware of Cory, it is worth researching his work. You can visit Cory on Facebook
I am excited to see what surprises the universe has in store for me now that I am open to it. It’s been a process in leaning and softening to the unknown possibilities.
One thing is for sure, in 2018 I will be present in the moment, not looking back or looking ahead, just living life as is comes.
Happy trails.


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