What’s Love Got to Do With It?

cropped-doves.jpgSeth Meyers already said it, so I don’t have to.
Oprah for president!
This year’s Golden Globes was rousing! So much so that it started me actively thinking, why do women still_________?
That’s a big blank to fill so I am going to focus a series of blog posts trying to do just that. This post is focused on spirit because, in my opinion, we really can’t achieve or accomplish much until we brighten our spirit.
Here we are once again reflecting on ourselves, making resolutions, starting an exercise program, beginning a diet plan, looking for that tonic that flushes fat out of the system…..it’s all good and very worthwhile. However, there seems to be one absolute solution to the resolutions and that is perfect love (PL).

Let’s talk about PL for a moment. PL is not the Valentine hearts floating down from the sky kind of love. PL is the ability to bury all disappointment, resentment, and sense of failure caused in us by others, and then to love and accept others, with laughter and joy, just the way they are. I’m not talking about Hollywood barbarity; I’m taking about friends, neighbors, that loved one, family members, even the cranky salesperson you may encounter.
Do you want to be free? Do you want to be physically and emotionally healthy? That’s a few of the results PL promises. Do you want to be your best self? Begin to practice PL. PL is the stimulant that sets us free of the burdens (expectations) of others. When we are free of these burdens everything else falls into place. PL is the balm that cures temper flare-ups. PL is the salve that heals emotional wounds. It also cures over indulgence. When you love perfectly, you no longer need to eat that gallon of chocolate ice cream. PL is your port in the storm, your shield against all hurt.
You begin to recognize PL when you realize that you really cannot change others, but you can accept them and love them anyway. Yeah, it’s easier said than done, but once you get there, wow!
When you can stand and tolerate criticism (because it really isn’t about you) and realize that you no longer need to retaliate, but only hold out your hand without uttering a word, that’s PL. When you understand that you no longer need to have all the answers, but just need to be there (or not) that’s PL. When you can extend a kind word or a kind gesture to someone who has offended you, yeah, PL. When you recognize that you need to walk away and do not shed a tear because you know you tried your best, PL, because perfect love is not just something you exercise towards others; it is also about PL of the self, Aha moment! Love they neighbor as thyself. When you love perfectly no one can shatter you because you realize the fault does not lie in you.
PL is the prescription that lowers elevated blood pressure, provides peace of mind, relieves an upset stomach, vanquishes a migraine, calms frayed nerves, nourishes the heart, body and soul, and cures self-doubt. All irritation vanishes in the face of perfect love.
I confess I’m still working on it, but each small accomplishment provides me with the exhilarated motivation to keep moving forward, and I know that when I fully arrive, I’ll be wearing the garments of peace and tolerance.
Walk on!

5 thoughts on “What’s Love Got to Do With It?

  1. Love has everything to do with it! I honestly feel like we as humans do reach that wow moment where we don’t give two cents even of what someone things but then Goliath shows up and we have to really nurture and protect ourselves. That’s the wow and I am working on it but simply stopping myself.

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