The Question of Good

I’ve decided I’m not going to be a good girl anymore. I’m not necessarily looking to be bad but I’m definitely done with good. Now before you jump to conclusions about whose bed I’m rolling out of let me clarify. I’m finished being the person others expect me to be or want me to be or think they need me to be.

I’m done shape shifting to make the moment pleasant; keep the peace or avoid confrontation. In other words – good night good girl. I’ve decided to unabashedly be me and, buckle in folks – I may no longer fit any preconceived definitions.

It’s interesting to me that this epiphany alit upon me the moment of the season where the darkness appears to prevail but don’t we know the Light is surely coming. So I’m going with this growing revelation of the new me or rather the old me that has been enrobed in brilliant disguise. The “good” news is that one of the best gifts I have to give this season is my genuine self.


Sea & Skye

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