It’s Autumn in New York and the holiday season is fast approaching!

This time of year I especially love to sit and gaze out the kitchen window while sipping my morning coffee, admiring the artwork of the Great Creator.  As the multicolor leaves float down to the ground, the lyrics “Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go….” come to my mind.

Over the years, my family and I have hitched our sled (ok, got in the car) and traveled to numerous locations to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.  One area that brings back the warmest memory to me  is Connecticut.  There is nothing like a New England holiday setting (unless you are enjoying a drink on a beach in the Caribbean :)). In Connecticut my family and I enjoyed extended family, food, and fun holiday activities surrounded by much love.  When I think back, I can still hear the laughter, smell the cooking, and see “It’s a Wonderful Life” rolling along endlessly on the TV screen.  But things change, as they always do, and thankfully, we have our memories to support us as life moves on.  Family grows smaller and/or larger and the times that we think will last forever sadly do not.  Life, an inevitable cycle.

This year, I have the honor of being the hostess for Thanksgiving.  Some of my favorite peeps will be “riding the sleigh” from their neck of the woods to enjoy the feast I’m planning to prepare.  Recently, I dug deep into my recipe box to dust off a few old family favorite desserts.  Reading through the cards I found my dad’s Pear Cream Pie recipe and his recipe for Irish Coffee.  Eureka!  Two treasures that will appear on my dessert table.  Seeing dad’s handwriting, I was reminded of the jovial site of this bull of a man, an Iron Worker by trade who loved to bake, crimping the edge of his homemade pie crust.  I know my guests and I will enjoy these delights and maybe you might too.  My dad made his own cream filling and pie crust, but I make a more simple version that is just as delicious.

Pear Cream Pie: 

  • I ready made pie crust
  • 1 box My.T.Fine Vanilla Pudding (cooking, not instant)
  • 1 15oz. can sliced pears in syrup

Defrost pie crust, prepare pudding according to instructions on the box.  Drain the pears of the syrup, line the bottom of the pie crust with the pear slices.  When the pudding is cooked, immediately pour it over the pears enough to reach the edges of the pie crust.  Bake at 350 degrees until the crust is golden brown.  Cool from oven.  Refrigerate when completely cool.  The pie is best when prepared the day before serving.  Serve with Reddi Whip Whipped Cream or homemade whipped cream, which is easy to make.  Place a container of heavy cream in a mixing bowl and mix on high until stiff peaks from.  Fresh whipped cream should be made the day of serving.  This is a creamy, cool, and delish dessert! perfect after a heavy meal.

Irish Coffee:

  • 1 jigger of Jameson Irish Whisky
  • 1 cup of black American coffee (brand of your choice)
  • Whipped Cream (Reddi Whip or fresh)

Wet the rim of a tall glass mug and twist the mug mouth side down in granulated sugar.  Pour the whisky in the mug, pour in the coffee, top generously with whipped cream.  Enjoy!

Remember to call Uber for the ride home.

Happy Thanksgiving!





Macchiato Meets Cafe Latte



Today it is my pleasure to introduce artist Angela Gorini Perrone as guest blogger.  Angela is a master artist and prominent business woman, owner of Divine Rooms, Decorative Painting and Custom Artistic Finishes.  Sit back with a steaming hot cup of your favorite brew and enjoy!

Hello fellow Java Junkies! As we all know, there’s nothing quite like a cup of coffee and the transcendent feelings it evokes. A timeless ritual, varied among cultures, spanning the globe during different hours of the day. There’s a coffee for everything: one for morning wake up, another for afternoon pick up, a different vibe after a long leisurely meal. From Cappuccino to Espresso, they are all little works of art from the “mean little bean.”

paintnladderI am a professional artist who specializes in paint treatments for walls, ceilings, floors and furniture in the metropolitan area of New York City. A “coffee break” is not only part of our culture – it IS a culture in and of itself. What a relief to step off a noisy jobsite and have a few moments of peace, with a hot beverage and a quick pick-me-up. I’m not sure exactly where I’d be without my little slice of solace during a hectic day.


There was recently a client, who has a gorgeous private home on Staten Island, who contacted me during my morning ritual of sipping a cup and answering emails before a long day on a ladder. We both laughed when it was revealed we were drinking the same brew (Starbucks French Roast). As our conversation developed, regarding a new commission, it became crystal clear to me that the new art installation needed, just NEEDED, to be an homage to COFFEE.

We developed a process and a technique to enhance a feature wall in a massive lower level area, that will eventually have a working kitchen… and you guessed it…. a coffee bar.

coffeepaintLadies and Gentlemen – it is with great pleasure I introduce you to a custom work of art entitled, “Macchiato Meets Cafe Latte.” This transcendent massive “feature wall” anchors a large space in the most dramatic way. All colors were custom mixed to reflect the deep colors of complex brews and milk enhancements of an actual cup of coffee. We used colors inspired by espresso all the way to the cream on top of a cappuccino.

The technique is called Plastered Ombre’ – a monochromatic rise (or fall) of colors applied with a trowel. My method was custom mixing and blending wet on wet, about 6 different, yet related, shades of color, from dark to light. The result is a rich and full-bodied blend with dimension and complexity. Big flavor to anchor a large space!

Why not surround yourself with the things you love? Immerse yourself in the experience of a pleasure? What is brewing within your soul? Like a cup of coffee, this wall is a warm hug to whomever needs it. Your home can be an expression of your greatest joys and smallest daily rituals.

Artista Barista!

Angela Gorini Perrone
Master Artist and Creative Director
Divine Rooms
Decorative Painting and Custom Artistic Finishes
Mobile: 718-930-5154

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice!


Call the doctor, I officially have Fall Fever! I have always been the kind of girl who is drawn to things that appeal to my senses so as soon as September hit I was craving candles that smell like apple cinnamon, drinking pumpkin spice lattes, and buying everything fall décor at Hobby Lobby. When I wake up in the morning, I can feel the cool crisp air and it instantly makes me want to pull out my crockpot and whip up some chili and what’s better than football Sundays?

I can’t explain the shift that takes place but I get so excited at the thought of going to a cute farm where the kids can pumpkin pick, or run through a corn maze. Lucky for me, I live on Long Island and the North Fork offers a ton of vineyards and breweries conveniently located next to these family farms. If you are local to the area you defiantly have to check out Water Drinker Farm. Peep their page on Instagram @waterdrinkerlongisland. They have the cutest sunflower patch, mini golf course, face painting and hay rides plus the admission is super cheap. I am confident to say I am not the only person with Fall Fever. Instagram is flooded with pics that are screaming fall. As for me I will be packing up my swim suits and pulling out my favorite fall sweaters.