2020 Vision

It’s said, hindsight is the best sight, and it’s true.  Hindsight is 2020 because it is easy to understand something after it has already happened.  What if we take this knowledge and turned it inside out?  What if we stop looking back and start to use our best sight to look ahead and create a vision for success, a vision that enables our dreams to come true, that supports our goals to manifest our best life?  It is possible and it all begins with a Vision Board.

Creating a Vision Board is not a craft project.  Creating a Vision Board is a productive activity that guides the thought process.  Here is how it works:

  •  Set a goal
  •  Take time to select pictures that support that goal
  •  Post your pictures to a board
  • Hang your board in a convenient area for viewing


You will be surprised to see how a visual of what you desire helps you to:

  •  Pull your thoughts together
  •  Plan
  •  Act – step by step
  • Achieve

I’ve been working with Vision Boards for the past few years, and I can tell you the board is a powerful tool to success. Recently, the ladies of The Talk participated in a Vision Board practice.  If you’re serious about moving forward with 2020 vision, rather than looking back and saying, “I should have,” why not find out for yourself?

Join Vision Works NY for a Vision Board Workshop on February 10th, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. hosted by Gooding Wellness Group, 181 Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor, NY.




It’s your journey, own it.

Peace and Love,



Den Mother

The china and silver flatware are stowed, the tree is down and the last of the decorations are packed away….until next year.  The holidays certainly bring merriment and there is nothing that can compare to spending festive time with friends and family, but to be honest the hosting sure does take a lot out of a gal!

I’m one of those people who looks forward to catching cabin fever.  I call the disease brown bear syndrome.  For me there is nothing like retreating into the comfort of my lair to surround myself with books from my winter reading list accompanied by a steamy hot cappuccino or frothy green tea, or an occasional cup of decadent hot chocolate.


Snowstorm on the horizon?  Hooray!  I’m ready, the game closet is stocked with choices for the young and the wise.  The crock pot is simmering a veggie stew and the smell of fresh baked brownies fills the air.  Mother winter is a welcomed guest in my home.


Just like our Ursidae relatives I like to cozy up, usually in flannel, and spend the next few months hibernating, living off the holiday calories stored in my body.  Of course I peek my head out each day to attend to the necessary facts of life, but as soon as the sun begins to set my state of inactivity kicks in.  Such is the gift of winter.  It is a time to rest, reflect, recharge, goal set,create a vision, plan and dream about the coming of spring.


Hey pilgrim, put down your lantern, backpack and walking stick and revel in the restful cloak of winter.  I promise, when the balmy breeze of spring beckons, you will be able to pickup your belongs and march on with enthusiasm, ready to take on whatever comes your way….and better yet be able to make your dreams come true!

Peace and Love,


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My Re-ason for 2020

I usually don’t make new year’s resolutions.  Each new year I just strive to be a better person then the one I left behind.  But, for some re-ason 2020 feels different.  Maybe because it is the start of a new decade, or perhaps it just seems to roll easy off the tip of my pen.  Whatever the re-ason, this year I feel compelled to developed a resolution checklist.  Perhaps it’s because I fill the need to do some emotional and practical housecleaning.  You know, clean out the clutter both inside and out.  It’s been awhile and I need to slay some dragons.  With that in mind I resolve to:

Reclaim myself – mediate on where I lost myself along the way of a busy life and on how to find my way back home?

Re-evaluate – not just what I need in my life to be whole, but also, who are the people in my life who add joy, forgiveness, patience support and applause, and sift out peacefully the ones that drag me down.  Am I in the right relationships?  The right job? The right location….home, setting, frame of mind?

Revisit – create a vision of where I want to go and plan how I am going to get there.


Reinvent – myself.  How about making that frightening leap into a new venture.

Redo – home décor and it doesn’t have to be big.  Paint a wall, buy one piece of art or a new set of everyday dishes.  A purchase that brings happiness/excitement into the everyday.

Rediscover – life!

Recharge – my battery.  Get going.  Get doing.  Get involved!

I can safely say I’m no slouch, but I think I can lead a richer, more purposeful life by being kinder to myself.  This means developing a new awareness that fosters the discovery of who I am here and now, relieves some of the emotional pain and provides a breath of fresh air that propels me to travel a new path.


After all, isn’t that what the journeys is about?

Why not join me in 2020?  Mount your steed and let’s go dragon hunting!

Peace and love,



Between the Years

It’s New Years’ Eve!  The day when we experience the opportunity to stand on the cusp of a magical, mystical moment, a pointed time where two curves meet.

Through religious, and ancient Celtic readings I have learned that 11:55 p.m. is the moment when the Universe opens and Heaven and Earth merge as one and, this year we stand on the edge of new decade.  In this  moment one can express their deepest desire and, if it is for your good, the new year will see it granted.  The phenomenon conjures up visions of natural forces at work and brings to my mind Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride.


I like to dream, right between the sound machine                                                                             on a cloud of sound I drift in the night any place it goes is right                                             Goes far flies near to the stars away from here                                                                               Well, you don’t know what we can see why don’t you tell your dreams to me                    fantasy will set you free                                                                                                                    Close your eyes now look inside now let the sound take you away  


What more can we ask for?  What more can we hope for then to connect with the great creator in a time when all that exists near, far and beyond becomes one and our hopes and dream can fly on this power.  With this, anything is possible.


(courtesy clip)

So go ahead, hope, dream, spread your wings and fly!

Happy New Year,


After Thought…





(featured image courtesy, Martha Stewart Living, December 2019


It was during my travels abroad, Italy, France, Ireland, Malta, to name a few, that I learned the art of dessert.

Dolce, petite, savory, a bit rich the final course leaving one “drunk” with pleasure. Black coffee accompanied by sweet, fruity fragrant wine and liqueur….just enough.


One of my favorite desserts is so simple to make I’ve kept it a secret (until now).  It’s a true crowd pleaser!  The secret, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.  While the coffee is brewing, unroll the pastry and slather each individual puff with your favorite chocolate spread.  Dark chocolate, Hazel Nut Chocolate, your choice.  Roll and bake as directed on the package.  Remove from the oven and when just warm, dust very lightly with a mixture of brown sugar crystals and cinnamon.


Assemble your dessert tray.  Demitasse cups and spoons, cordial glasses and warm biscuits ready to join dessert wines and cordials at the table.